Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday Planning Blues

I have two more weeks to go in March before I head off to a much needed break in Cali with my fellow Diva's. Of course, that raised my stress level up a notch because I am still not finished with my March To-Do List. I am looking at both my planners and time is looking tight. Here is what I think I need to get done:

Get Save the date cards out
-Cards have been ordered
-Need to follow up with Mom about her completion of missing addresses.
-Print out shipping labels and send out

Order Dress
-Go to Elmhurst to look at Knock-Off
-Go back to Michael's consignment to take dress of hold and figure out what to buy with my deposit
-Go to Bridal Garden if possible
-Order a dress...why does this have to be so difficult, I have bought plenty of clothes in my lifetime!

Call Shellewah

There is just too much to do in a day, plus I am still trying to learn French and how to Swim. When will I mend my ways and just do less stuff?


ChingDiva said...

Maybe you should drop the french.

vlagrl said...

Well...the save the date cards shouldn't take too long to accomplish. Bug your mom today about the addresses. I say tell her they aren't invited if you don't have the info by Friday. When do the cards come in? Enlist a couple of people to sit at your table and help stuff. (That includes your non-bridesmaid acting like she is one friend, me!)

On to the dress. You've got way more than enough choices. Its time to narrow down which ones you really like. Sounds like its the $2200 and the ebay dress. Pick one and go with it.

Don't allow yourself too much room to float. Floating in your decision making is just gonna make things harder. Besides you are at work right now rather than sitting on your couch with your feet on the coffee table like me! Time ain't for ever babygirl.

Lastly, how much time are French and swimming taking? Its important that you do leave something for yourself so if anything just remove one. I suggest dedicating one day of the weekend as wedding planning. Spend as much time as necessary on the weeks project and then do something nice for yourself whether it be a date with Todd, a friend, ice cream and netflix. Whatever!

Ok thats your Lakshmi boost of the day hehe!